Probing Deeply Into Liberty And Justice Opens A Broad Vista.

We find ourselves at an elevated theoretical position where not only are ethics and economics inseparable but also law and justice are tightly woven into the economic fabric of life. Just like when examining the natural world, the deeper we go into the inner workings the more we need to understand the big picture. Probing deeply into liberty and justice opens a broad vista of human civilization over its entire time horizon. Cause and effect is still the theoretical basis of our understanding but our ability to apply science at a very high level – pushing the envelop – is being tested by this theoretical position.

A perfect example is the earth itself and all of its differentiated resources and climates. Add to this mix the rich and nearly infinite diversity of human personalities. And yet the direction that all this is going is towards unity! Sure, it is a relatively slow process, but then again, look how fast it is occurring relative to geological change.
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