Adhering To Principles Of Classical Liberalism Yields Justice.

In search for happiness he or she embarks on life’s endeavors, in other words, we exercise purposeful action in the surrounding world that has been created for our use, in cooperation with others.

It is at this point where the companion of liberty takes its place as a great counterbalance. Equilibrium forces tend to bring about a balance between liberty and justice. And so the natural restraint to unbounded liberty, that protects life (L), property rights (PR=HR), God-given rights (GGR) and economic liberty is non-aggressive self defense.

There is a naturalness to the protective shelter of justice which can either be enhanced by or undermined and corrupted by government. For enhancement it is essential that life (L), property rights (PR=HR), God-given rights (GGR), economic liberty (EL), and non-aggressive self-defense (SD) become incorporated into the structure of a limited government and strictly adhered to. These principles serve as a litmus test to be continually used to detect corruption of the government and by the government. Limited government (LG) is the only way there can be justice if government is made a part of society.

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