Empiricism Is The Plague Of These Dark Ages Of Economics.

Not only has the weakness of truth-seeking in this - the Dark Ages of economics - yielded a disjointed separation of ethics and economics but it has also resulted in economics being stuck in the rut of empiricism.

Sure, choosing an erroneous methodology for the study of economics diverts academic resources into the muck and mire of theoretical irrelevance, even despite the leeway to interpret in ways that serve the ego-driven interventionists. This institutionalization of this erroneous methodology and this ego-driven interventionism seriously magnifies the problem.

For example, as a consequence of using empiricism people are treated as data and the inevitable outcome somewhere down the road is that data can be manipulated or even erased. The senseless wars and bombings are evidence of the outcome of this kind of thinking, which can be classified as diseased thinking

The erroneous methodology of empiricism in human sciences is like the plague in these - the Dark Ages of economics.

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