Gold Tests The Purity Of Human Civilization.

It is not coincidental that certain worldly things which are very much admired by humans are not within the realm of generation by humans. I am referring here to gold! It is true that we could allow the lower half of our dual nature to debase us, and quickly we would become a loathsome creature. The same is true with regards gold. It is not that we haven’t tried to generate gold through alchemy, and in these - the Dark Ages of economics - our debasement comes as a result of our counterfeit systems of fiat currencies. If you take a step back and look at the wars and the corruptions that are caused by the violation of the economic law of a gold standard you get a glimpse of the degradation of humanity that burdens us, resulting from its violation. Gold can be tested for its purity and the purity of human civilization is tested by how it practices the gold standard.

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