Codified Law As The Best Means To Attain An Ever-Advancing Civilization?

The other option of establishing codified law is ideal in many ways. The laws given to us by the Manifestation of God specific for the Day in which we live are codified. They are tailored especially for the needs, exigencies, and requirements of that particular Day and Age. They come from the true Source of justice and from the Law-Giver. Although implementing these laws may take time and although there will still be an ongoing discovery process for the entire Dispensation, the foundation exists immediately. If the Covenant is strong, and if it is inviolable, then there cannot be any corrupting of the codified law.

We are talking about economics, that is, the best means to attain the ends. If a Manifestation of God has given us the Laws of the Age then the best means to attain the ever-advancing civilization is to adopt these codified laws.

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