Liberty And Justice Flavor Of The Decade Candidate!

This is not the hollow rhetoric of a "Johnny Come Lately" nor is it the desperate push by the media to do the bidding of the unConstitutional coup by finding someone to divert the attention of the voters away from the political crimes of those who are trying to destroy States rights.

Not only will the voters in the early States find the champion of the Constitution (Congressman Ron Paul) and flock to him but so will the voters in the Southern States who have never fully healed from the painful amputation of States Rights that took the lives of Americans from North and South to protect crony capitalism.

Instead of peaceful resolution war was used to crush those opposed to the trade barriers imposed by the crony capitalists and their political pawns. Ever since then States Rights have been whittled away to almost nothing.

Ron Paul will restore America, restore the Constitution, and restore States Rights!

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