Teddy Roosevelt Statists Want Much More Of The Same!!!

Revisionist historians who don't accept the elementary and secondary public school version that all Presidents are virtuous and honorable men have identified Teddy Roosevelt as a psychopath! He gloried in killing - big game and wild animals of all kinds - and his human victims in the Spanish American War - doing a jig over their dead bodies!

As a politician he was fiercely polarizing and he steered the United States towards fascism by his political favoring of those businesses that served his whims and his political sabotaging of those who did not.

Later he formed the Progressive Party to try to win the Presidency again when the Republican Party rejected him because of his fascism and as a result the vote was split, which handed the victory to Woodrow Wilson even though he only got 40% of the vote (the lowest in history).

Under Wilson the Federal Reserve and the federal income tax were imposed.

As you can see this was the period of unprecedented fascism.

Again fascism is running rampant and we have the statist demagogues proclaiming that they want to emulate Teddy Roosevelt!

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