Undoing Socialism, And Imperialism Is Not Isolationism!

Of course the status quo is shaking in their boots and using the propaganda machine to distort the message of free trade and peace. John Stossel does a commendable job of exposing the nonsensical rhetoric of the pawns of the unConstitutional coup and he does an honorable job of truthfully presenting the legitimate viewpoint of Ron Paul.

Unlike isolationism, the idea of free trade and peaceful commerce and friendship is exactly the American tradition and it is moral and a source of great prosperity. The warmongers are the isolationists and the antagonists.

Recognize the perversity of the propaganda of the unConstitutional coup and its media tentacles. Recognize that imperialism, socialism and fascism are the characteristics of the State. And it is the status quo of the State, the unConstitutional coup in America, that is threatened by the message of free trade and peace promulgated by Ron Paul.

Reject their lies and distortions - Ron Paul is in no way an isolationist.

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