Feet To The Fire, Bernanke Is Forced To Look At Silver Differently.

Why are Americans so opposed to having a brilliant economist as President? Ron Paul gentlemanly educates the Congress and the Federal Reserve Chairman about the business cycle, about real inflation, about the economic history of monetary destruction, about commodity money, about current attempts around the world to prevent the destruction of wealth, and about a 'compromise' to allow competing currencies as money.

Of course Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are vehemently opposed to this justice but public opinion has now turned (thanks to the diligence and brilliance of Ron Paul) to such an extent that Bernanke can only respond in an accomodating tone and manner.

With or without the sanction of the Federal Reserve or of the addicted politicians in Congress, the all-powerful market will restore commodity money. If the American people wake up in time Ron Paul will become President and then he will restore America back to its original intent - as a Constitutional Republic.

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