Ron Paul Is Independent Of Silly Political Alliances!

Political crybabies may try to paint their opponents as ganging up but in this case it is merely coincidental. There may well be some ganging up taking place between the typical run-of-the-mill politicians but what has to be understood is that Ron Paul is a statesman of unprecendented consistency and constitutional merit. He has no need or desire to act or think like a politician.

His cause is the cause of liberty and justice and restoring the rule of law - the Constitution. Because the media is controlled by the State it does not provide accurate information about the ego-driven interventionists that lust for power within the realm of the unConstitutional coup. Ron Paul, as a scholar of classical liberalism and as a great educator, has to use financial resources to buy advertising spots to expose the politicians as liars and thieves and warmongers and economic imbeciles.

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