Ron Paul Will Throw The Ring Of Power Into The Fire Of Doom!

This interview starts with this statement by Doug Wead "There is no path to the White House without Ron Paul." He then quotes Bob Dylan "You got to serve somebody" to emphasize that the ego-driven interventionist politicians are serving the "Party" which is nothing but the unConstitutional coup whereas Ron Paul is serving the U.S. Constitution.

He said that the Ron Paul campaign is not in the same race as the others, the Ron Paul campaign is a political and educational campaign trying to get out the message of liberty to everyone in time to change the direction of America, to restore constitutional government. Ron Paul is trying to reform the whole system.

In contrast to the easily corrupted ego-driven interventionist politicians, if Ron Paul wins the Presidency and gets the metaphorical ring of power he will throw it in the fire of Mount Doom, destroying the unConstitutional coup and its evil power.

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