Theft Is A Crime Even When It Is Done Secretively!

There is a reason for all of the layers of perverse regulation and the haughtiness of the Federal Reserve and the impenetrable mystery of the collusion between Wall Street and the Federal government. First of all it is necessary to keep the house of cards from crumbling! But it is also because of the criminality of it all.

These crooks will appeal to the public and say that if the truth be knonw then the whole system will collapse and cause unbelievable suffering!!! "We are too big to fail" is their mantra! But the truth of the matter is that the unConstitutional coup can only exist if we allow it to exist.

It is time to put these criminals in jail and to return America to the ranks of greatness, as a protector of property rights and the protector of the human rights of people to be safe from economic terrorism.

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