Stealth Strategy For Liberty Is Still Very Potent!

At first I was disappointed and shocked when I heard that Rand Paul had endorsed Mitt Romney. And to do it on the Sean Hannity Show while Hannity folded his hands in delight to have this endorsement announced on his show! I couldn't stomach watching the video!

But then I read the article posted on the Lew Rockwell blog and I began to understand how this all fits into the stealth strategy for liberty. The points of unity that Rand Paul mentioned have the potential to serve as a litmus test that would possibly offset the neocon pressures faced by Romney if elected President.

This does not change anything though. The stealth strategy of Ron Paul is humbly dependent upon Providence. If it is America's destiny to promote the oneness of mankind and to promulgate peace and prosperity then the corrupt economic terrorists running the two-headed, single-political-party in the United States have to be unseated. And since it is very possible that this is the period of time when the house of cards will collapse it is also the time when people will be discontent enough to question the propaganda of the unConstitutional coup and the figureheads of its "two parties."

The stealth strategy is still very much alive because it is increasingly obvious that Mitt Romney will not be able to convince anyone that he knows how to fix the imminent world economic meltdown. He will be seen as part of the problem. The obvious alternative will be the brilliant economist, classical liberalism scholar, and constitutionalist Ron Paul. Rand will, then, stand again with Ron Paul.

Of course the rejection of socialism will be the wave that will carry Ron Paul to the Presidency.

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