Social Cooperation Reveals The Key To The Economy!

Henry Hazlitt went into great detail in his book The Foundations of Morality” about the powerful means/ends potency of social cooperation as being the essence of the economy. It was from that platform that I developed the 'Human Civilization Equilibrium" that then laid the foundation for my book about economic justice ("Liberty & Justice of Economic Equilibrium"). 

Now it is possible to better grasp the spiritual nature of the economy. Ethical economics implies that it is not just the intellect that is operating in the economy, and it is the idea of social cooperation that helps to bridge that line of reasoning. Sure it is intellectually understood that when people cooperate the outcome is greater but people and their decisions are not merely numbers to be added. The process involves human bonds that are not captured by numbers.

At the heart - and the heart is a good symbol - is the process of social cooperation which is maximized by love. When there is love social cooperation is maximized and when social cooperation is maximized the economy is in a highly perfected state.

As humans we want to exercise our full powers and the science that studies and theorizes about our actions (praxeology) needs to be fully equipped to handle the task. The divine economy theory recognizes that love is a powerful force in the human reality and it recognizes that it is the purest motivator of social cooperation. And the divine economy theory recognizes that social cooperation is the highest means/ends operating in the economy.

Succinctly: in the divine economy love engenders social cooperation which optimizes the economy!!!

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