Where Have The "Flower Children" Gone?

There was a time when being a "flower child" was nonpartisan. It meant that life of all kinds was regarded as sacred. Needless to say these individuals were opposed to wars.

But another generation of propaganda foisted upon the young by the State under the guise of education has weakened that spirit in the youth. Now war is either glorified or considered as partisanship, if opposed.

So where are the original 'flower children" who stood on the grounds of idealism and screamed for an end to the injustices and indignities of war? These flowers have, for the most part turned into mushrooms and as saprophytes they feed on the decomposing remnants of society as it decays further and further.

Only a re-igniting of the flames of peace and idealism and justice can burn away the veils created by the propaganda that permeates the 'news' media and the "education system."

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