People Are Readily Killed In Statism.

The State - which is the ego-driven perverse product of the breaking of the Covenant of Muhammad during the Age of nation-building - is what is killing people. Sure there are individuals who are statists who operate within the State and accept its immoral authority and execute the actions of the State but they are conflicted about the oneness of humankind because they serve the State as one Lord and are not be able to serve wholeheartedly the Loving, One True God.

Spreading the consciousness of the oneness of humankind requires that both science and religion are in harmony and so it necessitates an understanding of the universal oneness of the structure of human logic and that humans act subjectively and that only with this kind of liberty can ethics and justice advance at the individual, and therefore the societal, level. Combined with the religion of the love of God and the the love of beauty of His creation including human beings as 'created in His Image' then and in conjunction with an environment of the absence of the oppressive State human civilization unfolds properly.
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