Get Ready For Hyperinflation And Minimize Its Impact.

One of the most important services that can be rendered in the immediate future - and therefore a great opportunity for a successful business - is orchestrating a network that provides services that operate reciprocally throughout the community. This reciprocity in this context seems to imply some sort of barter.

If left in the condition of barter the economy will be stark and inefficient and unable to satisfy most people. Those entrepreneurs who recognize the inefficiencies of barter and who can devise ways to use money substitutes which are valued independently from the depreciating dollar will find  customers coming out of the woodwork to escape the destructiveness of hyperinflation.

Not only will such an entrepreneur be successful during the worst of economic conditions but he (she) will tremendously ease the economic pain suffered by so many others and at the same time be a catalyst for community building that will be in place for the future when a new approach is applied. Having this knowledge - that social cooperation is the best means to achieve the ends of peace and prosperity - will influence how civilization is carried forward.

Every village and town and city needs this kind of business enterprise to be able to weather the economic turmoil that is fast approaching.

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