Playing Our Respective Parts In The Divine Economy.

Even rarer is Bruce Koerber’s realization that the greatest of our potentials, our birthright and greatest asset is our potential to acquire the Divine Virtues and Spiritual Qualities. As we develop our potentials we develop the Virtues. As we play our respective parts in the Divine Plan and participate in the Divine Economy that is its result we are given opportunities to further develop the Virtues. As we act on the Virtues we have developed we will carry forward the Divine Plan for the benefit of all creation.

As Lao Tzu so eloquently said in the Tao Te Ching {The Canon of Reason and Virtue}:

“Tao when nursed within one's self,
His vigour will make true;
And where the family it rules
What riches will accrue!
The neighbourhood where it prevails
In thriving will abound;
And when 'tis seen throughout the state, Good fortune will be found.
Employ it the kingdom o'er,
And men thrive all around.”

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