Recognizing The Unity Of The Human Enterprise.

"It is the spiritual purpose of society to create cultures and systems (education, markets, etc.) that allow each and every one of us to discover our unique parts in that Divine Plan; develop the potentials that enable us to play our parts; and provide for the opportunities that allow each to make a unique contribution to the whole and be acknowledged for doing so. This would be a challenge for any society. This challenge is made more difficult if we ignore the signs and fail to read clearly the spirit of the Age in which we live.

Because of the underlying unity of the human enterprise we err if we artificially separate any part from the whole. We make this error if we separate people into classes, races, tribes, nations or any other artificial division. If we treat the cultural, educational or economic systems as separate entities governed by different principles we make such a mistake. Because of humanity’s spiritual nature, when we treat religion as unimportant or fail to integrate its guidance, we make another mistake. When we separate Religion from Science we make a similar error. Rare for a scientist, Bruce Koerber recognizes the unity of the human enterprise and avoids these mistakes."

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