What Happened To The Destiny Of America?

The potential of a great nation - contributing to the advancement of civilization - has been hijacked by the materialism and nationalism that flourishes under interventionism!

On October 19, 1912 in Los Angeles, CA Abdu’l-Bahá made it clear why America seemed to be poised to be a beakon of hope to the world.

 “Will you take a message to the people of Los Angeles?” he asked The Evening Herald through his interpreter. And then he spoke the following:

Praise be to God. The United States has made wonderful progress. Its prosperity is daily on the increase. Educational facilities are unsurpassed, science is marching on, industrialism is expanding and agriculture is thoroughly scientific.
America’s success is due to the fact that she is a commercial, not a fighting nation. She is not contemplating war with other nations.
International peace is the greatest issue of today. The time will come when all races and creeds will be united into one race and religion.”

Now look at the stance of America in the world and contrast it to what it was like then. War and production of war implements are its plague.

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