Geithner Knows The People Will Sieze Him Like Gaddafi!

What did Gaddafi do to prolong his life and to stay in power? He stayed untouchable to the masses who had a bone to pick with him. When the imperialists destroyed his apparatus he found himself among those who had mercilessly grown to hate him and his fate was predictable.

What is Geithner hoping to do to prolong his life and to stay in power? He wants the debt ceiling raised to infinity! That way the illusion of the dollar as a viable currency can continue. But what if the idiocy and absurdity of limitless debt cannot be sold to the people even despite the propaganda by the unConstitutional coup? The squeeze from all directions on the dollar will inevitably point to him as a thief and a liar. The many suffering and unhappy people all around will want to meet him face-to-face and let him know in no uncertain terms that he is responsible for their calamity.

Hiding places are usually only a temporary reprieve.

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