Where Is There A Free Market Economy?

It is ubiquitous! Theory only proves its existence!

The testing of the theory has to do with the laws that exist and the compatibility of the free market with those laws. Humans are subjective and they are physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Without going into details this is all perfectly compatible with the divine economy theory. I wouldn't worry too much about being able to see it - in all of its splendor - in these, the Dark Ages of economics.

If you understand how the physical laws operate and you see a jar containing water and sediment the fact that it is constantly being stirred does not mean that when the agitation stops the sediment will remain in suspension. What will happen is the impurities will settle out and the water will be clear for all to see! Likewise when all the agitation of the interventionists stop the glory of the divine economy - the unhampered market economy - will be clear to everyone!

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