Econometricians Pretend That Mathematics Has Solved For Infinity.

The divine part of the economy is its infinite nature - incomprehensible to the human mind - yet fully capable of grace and justice when freed from the ego-driven interventionists.

This does not square with the use of mathematics in mathematical economics. Mathematicians have never solved for infinity. Whatever the supposed answer is just simply add one and the futility of their plight is as evident as the Sun at midday!

Yet the mathematical economists try to hide behind their incomprehensible and nonsensical equations and formulae in an attempt to exalt themselves, giving the false impression that they have an authoritative interpretation. These claimants are ego-driven interpreters whose glory is to empower the ego-driven interventionists.

Because of the divine nature of the economy - its infinite character - there is no moral authority for interventionism. The mathematical economists cannot provide the necessary foundation for interventionism any more than mathematicians can solve for infinity.

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