Means And Ends Are Interconnected.

The purpose of science is to penetrate further and further into what is currently unknown.

The boundary that causes even the most distinguished of the economists that have correctly identified the subjective methodology as the proper scientific method for the human sciences is the boundary at the interface between economics and ethics. The literature makes it clear that this is the limit.

It is the limit - assuming that there is no new economic theory.

Imagine a technological breakthrough that changes everything! Why cannot a theory be seen as a technological discovery?

Only someone who is trying to avoid the obvious questions that repeatedly bounce off this boundary (if it is not really a boundary then it must just be manmade) would deny that ethics and economics are interwoven and intimate and complementary. And if ethics and economics are closely associated then wouldn't it be a great discovery to find an economic theory that included ethics as a powerful dimension?

The answer is yes!!!

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