Add Your Resources To Accelerate Things!

It means reaching people faster with this new economic technology. 

Feel welcome to explore becoming a benefactor: 

The divine economy theory is part of the laissez-faire movement and it is the continuation of the philosophy of classical liberalism. Throughout history benefactors have played significant roles in the advancement of sciences and arts and so if you recognize the degree of fundamental change in thinking that must take place as part process of the ideological change towards liberty and justice then you may feel the desire to contribute in some way, in your own way, towards the efforts to reach people with the divine economy theory. 

One way of accomplishing the goal of spreading the divine economy theory would be the use of the "Pay What You Want" pricing model for the books. Those with considerable wealth could pay more than the actual selling price to help boost revenues, thereby signifying the wish that those resources be used to speed everything up:

1.     {Completed} Publishing the four core books in the series as ebooks in formats compatible with all digital readers.

2.     Publishing two book sets into formats compatible with all digital readers:

·        {Completed} The combination set of the macroeconomics and the microeconomics books,

·        And sometime soon, a set that is the combination of all four core books – spanning macro & micro economics, ethical economics, and economic justice.

3.     Publishing all of these books as print-on-demand books.

·        {Completed so far} The first two books and the book set of the combination of these first two books. 

4.     Translating all of the books in the series into the Spanish language.

5.     Once the print-on-demand versions of the four core books are finished I will be looking for donors to purchase the complete set in order to donate it to think tank libraries. As an example, would you like to donate towards sending a copy of each book in the series to the library at the Ludwig von Mises Institute?

6.     Beginning to get these books out as textbooks (mainstream and homeschool) to those who are interested in studying economics and who reject the ideology of statism.

7.     To assist in your fundraising projects I can provide copies of my books to be sold for $10/book and $3 of each sale can go towards your fundraiser.

Contact me if you are interested in becoming a benefactor.